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Just here to watch some good TV .... without the TV of course.

Favorite Series

Pitch Season 1 Episode 1
Trust me, watch 'til the end. If you still don't like it, then by all means, move on. That's what pilots are for, right?
12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 8
A fantastic episode. Very well-written and smart.
The Walking Dead
If you're caught somewhere in the mess that is Seasons 3-5, wondering if you should give up, push on brother! Hold strong! Season 6 brings hope and shows promise of greatness to come!
The Originals
Fantastic show. At the peak of the whole supernatural genre. I've never seen The Vampire Diaries, but thank god these characters spun off to their own show. I could not be more grateful.
American Horror Story
Season 1: Fantastic. Nothing comes close until Season 5. And thankfully you can skip seasons due to their changing plots. Season 3 was decent but didn't really fit into the theme very well.
Sons of Anarchy
A great show by every definition. However, like many shows, it dragged on a bit longer than was necessary. But if you stick it out to the end you will not leave disappointed.
This show was utterly fantastic. It took themes from other shows and somehow made them even better. I understand there was a crossover with the Arrow series (Can't say for sure as I haven't seen it.) However, I'm left feeling like this show would be, and could possibly be, a great crossover with the Supernatural series. Apart from the angels appearing a bit different, the rest of the details seem to fall into place. There is mention of a "Rise in Darkness," and "The Darkness Coming." Which is cu